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 • Don't Know Why
 • Don't Want No Man
 • I Saw The Light
 • On A Night Like This
 • Just The Two Of Us
 • Makin' Whoopie

SOLO2 is a duo comprised of Beth McKee & Juan Perez. Both are nationally recognized recording artists now living in the Orlando area. The name is a bit of a word play in Spanish since solo means "only" and "tu" (which sounds like 2) translates as "you." Beth performs on piano and vocals as Juan applies the groove on Latin percussion and an unusual setup of a tunable tambourine played with brushes and amplified in a way that makes it sound amazingly like a full drum kit. The visual is very appealing and the space required to perform can be quite small if necessary. They perform a diverse collection of music that ranges from jazz and blues to the music of the Beatles and other legendary pop groups.

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